Framework & Guides for System Strengthening

How the system strengthening approach works

The practical resources presented here are intended to guide the implementation of specific actions aimed at improving research governance and research capacity at country, as well as institutional, levels. Using this approach, countries can apply various tools and methods to implement a strategy for system strengthening.

The system strengthening approach is a practical, systematic and comprehensive approach to national research for health system development. It includes a framework for overall system assessment and for overall system development. The research for health system strengthening framework identifies key aspects of the system, including:

Find below the visuals to the main elements of the system:

Conducive Environment & Research Leadership Foundational Guidelines Ability to Perform AND Produce
Maximised Eficiency International Integration

What are the products and services being offered?

Within each component of the system strengthening framework, action guides have been developed to address a particular aspect of the system. The action guides presented here serve as technical components for collecting evidence to inform decision making regarding particular aspects of the research for health system. The first two action guides are highlighted (above) in the section on ‘how the system strengthening approach works’.

System Development Framework: Overview

System Development Framework

System Assessment Policy Development
Priority Setting Capacity Coordination Ethics Regulation
Civil Society Engagement: For governments Civil Society Engagement: For CSOs Pharmaceutical Innovation