Africa-EU Science & Tech Cooperation

Coordination and Advancement of Sub-Saharan
Africa-EU Science & Technology Cooperation (CAAST-NET Plus)

What is the project about?

CAAST-NET Plus is a consortium of partners dedicated to strengthening the Africa – European Union (EU) science and technology partnership for the benefit of both regions. CAAST-NET Plus will be commencing in early 2013.

COHRED, alongside the Ministry of Higher Education, Science and Technology in Kenya (MOHEST) and the Foundation for International Health and Cooperation (FCSAI) will lead the consortium’s work on health.

CAAST-NET Plus is part of the new round of INternational CO-operation (INCO-NET) projects under the European Commission’s Seventh Framework Programme.

What are the aims and objectives? 

CAAST-NET Plus will strengthen bi-regional dialogue and co-operation in science and technology. It will work by identifying fruitful areas of collaboration between the regions, drawing on the science and technology capacities in the EU and in Africa.

CAAST-NET Plus will focus on:

  • Exploring innovative approaches to programming and funding for supporting and strengthening bi-regional research and development;
  • Building bridges between public and private sectors to enhancing private sector uptake of the products of publically funded Research and Development;
  • Advancing mutual learning and understanding through informing and disseminating bi-regional policy discussions; and
  • Offering practical support and information for bi-regional research partnerships.

These areas will be addressed under three identified global challenges: health, climate change and food security.

What documents / resources are available?

CAAST-NET Plus will build on the work of the previous INCO-NET between the EU and Africa: CAAST-NET.

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Project coordinator: Sara Calamassi on email

Association of Commonwealth Universities

At COHRED: Danny Edwards on email

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