National Health Research Systems in Latin America

In recent years Latin American countries have taken an active role in strengthening their National Health Research Systems – NHRS. Governments currently acknowledge that a systemic approach (development of policies, priorities and management structures) is the most effective route towards an efficient and relevant response of health research to the population’s needs.

This section groups and presents the efforts made towards the development and strengthening of NHRS in the Latin American region. Here you will find information on advances, activities, materials and tools made available by COHRED.

March 2013 Update 
We are glad to share with you the recording of the Pan-American Health Organisation (PAHO) co-sponsored virtual seminars including the series of six Seminars recorded with the Iberoamerican Cochrane Centre (6 seminarios grabados con el Centro Cochrane Iberoamericano), the recent series on quality of research reports that starts with the webinar “Transparency in Health Research Reporting” recorded with the EQUATOR Network and he collection of webinars made with the Canadian Cochrane Centre (webinarios hechos con el Canadian Cochrane Centre) that can be found at