Report on Follow up Meeting

To the 1st Latin American Conference in Research and Innovation for Health. Havana, Cuba, November 2009.

The Executive Committee* presents the final meeting report, which informs on the progress achieved since the Conference in Rio de Janeiro, summarizes the topics discussed during the meeting (Strengthening of National Health Research Systems -NHRS- in the Region, Human Resources for Health Research, Financing for Health Research, Knowledge Transfer and Translation) and reflects the views of the participants on the aspects to consider for the design, development and strengthening of health research systems in the region.

Final meeting report (download pdf version)
Presentation by Dr. Jackie Alger on the current situation of NHRS in 14 countries of the region (view video)

* Executive Committee Members: Adolfo Álvarez Bravo (qepd) (Ministry of Health, Cuba), Francisco Becerra-Posada (COHRED), Luis Gabriel Cuervo-Amore (PAHO/WHO), Sylvia de Haan (COHRED), Charles Gardner (Global Forum), Moisés Goldbaum (Sao Paulo University, Brazil), Michelle Jimenez (The Wellcome Trust), Gabriela Montorzi (COHRED), Sylvie Olifson-Houriet (Global Forum), Norka Ruiz-Bravo (PAHO/WHO).