Civil Society Organisations

In many countries, a weak link in the health research system is between population needs and the research and policy-making processes. COHRED works with civil society organisations and community groups to find ways to bring real population needs into the research and policy processes.If you are a civil society organisation (CSO), we can:

International and Multilateral Organisations

International and multilateral organisations in the health and research fields are primarily responsible for setting norms, standards and working directly with countries, through ministries. As a strategic partner, COHRED can provide your programme with broader reach in countries – for example, with research institutions, civil society, community groups or the media – and can support the practical implementation of international strategies standards or agreements, at country level.

Current examples of this work include:

  • Facilitating a consultative process with African countries to help them put into action the Global Strategy and Plan of Action on Public Health, Innovation and Intellectual Property Rights.
  • Working with countries as part of the Yaounde Process to help define national needs for health innovation.
  • Producing original research to present scenarios and a framework they countries can use to set national strategies for health, innovation and technology transfer for medicines.