Expertise and Support for Country Needs

COHRED’s primary activity is to support countries’ needs for research for health and innovation.  COHRED addresses continuing health inequities that persist in the developing world by promoting research that addresses the needs of the disadvantaged.

We work with countries to build the skills and systems needed for this essential research. We do this by partnering with governments, research institutions, and local communities, building on expertise from around the world.

We partner with a range of groups that have an interest in using  research for health and innovation as a strategy for improved equity and national development.

In the past 15 years of working on Essential National Health Research and capacity building in support of health research systems, we have developed approaches, services and tools that are available to all those involved in national health research.

To all its activities, COHRED brings a practical and flexible approach – based on service, equity, partnership, equal participation and measurable performance.