Donors and Research Sponsors

The COHRED Group believes research and innovation are key drivers for sustainable development and improving people’s health.

We think that funding in the field of national research and innovation for health systems should be close to the heart of those who believe in real development. And that together, we can have a strong impact on improving research capacity, health policy and the general well-being of people around the world.

The COHRED Group has been advocating and working with low- and middle-income countries strengthening health research capacity for approximately 20 years. Our expertise lies in:

Providing Technical Support and Transparency to Partners including Donors, Recipient Governments, National Research Institutions etc. in managing their investment in research and optimising their return on investment. This includes conducting analysis of current context, outlining a long-term strategy, prioritising goals and objectives accordingly and assisting in instilling systems and processes necessary for securing a vibrant research environment.

Over the years, COHRED has developed a set of unique tools and approaches in health research system strengthening: HR Web is COHRED’s online platform which provides a sustainable, interactive and self updating web based tool assisting partners with improved research management and transparency. Its sophisticated technology supports logging, tracking and mining of data in health research and encourages a system of open source knowledge exchange.

In addition, COHRED has developed specific tools which support a systems approach and provides added value to all aspects of work related to research capacity strengthening including outlining strategy and programme design. Of particular note, is its National Health Research System Framework which assists countries in setting research for health priorities.