Advances in the development of NHRS in the region

The renewed interest of government for health as a driver of socioeconomic development, the convergence of financial resources, and the support provided by key international institutions like COHRED and PAHO, have speeded up the NHRS development processes in the region.

Developments at national level…

  • Argentina has gone through an intensive national process for priority setting in health research, and has created the Ministry of Science and Technology.
  • Brazil has increased the public funds fraction dedicated to research.
  • Colombia is planning the development of departmental prioritized agendas in health research.
  • Costa Rica is developing NHRS monitoring and evaluation indicators.
  • Cuba has increased financial support to research capacity building.
  • Ecuador has increased financial support to research capacity building.
  • El Salvador has incorporated a section on Health Research in the National Health Policy.
  • Guatemala has opened within the Ministry of Health a coordination desk for health research.
  • Honduras has created the Interinstitutional Committee for Research for Health
  • Mexico has increased the public funds fraction dedicated to health research and the number of research positions.
  • Paraguay is taking concrete steps for the development of a formal NHRS, and has recently created the Interinstitutional Committee for NHRS Development.
  • Uruguay has set up a sector fund for health research, coordinated by de Ministry of Health and the National Agency for Research and Innovation.
  • Other countries are applying national and regional coordination and communication strategies for NHRS strengthening.

Developments at regional level

  • COHRED and PAHO have signed an agreement to support countries in the region in NHRS strengthening and expansion of Health Research Web (an interactive platform allowing information management across Latin America).
  • The Regional Policy on Research for Health, developed by PAHO in collaboration with COHRED, was approved in the 49th Directing Council of PAHO.
  • The Council of Health Minister of Central America (COMISCA) approved the integration of NHRS development as a permanent topic in the national agendas.