Working with country partners

Welcome to our pages on how we approach our work towards the strengthening of national research and innovation systems.

Strengthening such systems needs a comprehensive approach that calls for the full use of a country’s resources. It is in this regard that COHRED’s expertise is used by countries to strengthen the resources that already exist whilst developing those that need to be in place in order to improve health, equity and development

The principles and action guides below illustrate the building blocks, steps and guidelines that are seen as the basis for an ‘ideal national research and innovation’ system. The principles are inter-dependent. They can act as a benchmark for evaluating country’s research and innovation system and they can also be adapted to a country’s context. They are designed for all those – newcomers and veterans – involved in supporting and managing national research systems in low-and middle-income countries.

Fundamental principles of an ideal national research and innovation system

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National research and innovation can only thrive and become sustainable if there is political commitment and human rights are respected all along.

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National research and innovation policies, priorities and management constitute the three foundations of a research and innovation system. While the policies define the aims and values that guide national research and innovation development; the priorities inform on the key research and innovation areas where the country should focus its investment; and the management plan provides the operational framework necessary to ensure coherence between policies, priorities and action.

-> Policies, Priorities, Management

Related Action Guides: Policy Development, Priority Setting, for more on this, also see our priority setting webpage.

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Performance and production of national research and innovation are dependent on national overall capacity as defined by human and institutional, financial, and coordinating capacities. While human and institutional capacities are key for conducting, managing and communicating research; financing capacity is crucial for monetary sustainability; and coordinating capacity ensures optimisation of performance and production.

-> Capacity, Financing, Coordination

Related Action Guides: Coordination, Capacity

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For a national research and innovation system to be as effective and functional as possible it requires making full use of the country’s abilities and resources. Such optimisation determines the country competence to address fundamental issues derived from research and innovation practice.

-> Research ethics Review Systems, Comunity and Civil Society Engagement, Research Contracting, Pharmaceutical Innovation, Research Communication, Monitoring and Evaluation, Research Management Information Systems

Related Action Guides: National Ethics Review System, Pharmaceutical Innovation

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Sustained development through research and innovation requires transcending national boundaries and bridging exchange pathways with other countries for mutual benefit and growth.

-> International Collaboration and Partnerships