Priority Setting in Research for Health: A Management Process for Countries

Why Set Priorities?
How to set them?
How to best manage the priority setting process so that it results in action?

National priorities for research for health are essential to countries because they can be used to: guide research expenditure; promote science – technology – innovation for health; stimulate human resource development for research and negotiate with partners for targeted funding and long-term efforts. A national research and innovation system needs focus – priorities – targets and milestones. With priorities, the science and innovation sectors can flourish to support development, equity and health.

Setting priorities, managing performance

Over the past 19 years COHRED has supported countries in setting national priorities for research for health. Based on this experience, COHRED has developed an integrative approach that takes the user through the management cycle of a complete priority setting process.

COHRED solutions tailored to your needs

COHRED provides technical support, services and products to strengthen research and innovation systems for health. In the area of priority setting our expertise can help you address aspects such as situational assessment and priority setting process design, facilitation and evaluation. You are welcome to contact us for more information.

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