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Thank you for your interest in COHRED.

COHRED has suspended its normal operations due to financial circumstances. However, our commitment to equitable research and innovation system development in low- and middle-income countries remains and our efforts to revive substantive, mission-driven funding needed to continue our support for global health, equity and development through research and innovation will remain a priority.

Our core website services remain active :

All COHRED’s publications remain available, can be downloaded, used and referenced. Given that all materials were developed using public funds, we encourage their continued use. Please provide appropriate credits to COHRED when using our materials, and do let us know.

For any enquiries, please contact us at:

  • General contact address :           
  • Finances and Administration :  
  • Research Fairness Initiative (RFI) :
  • RHInnO Ethics platform was successfully transferred to EthiXPERT, a non-profit organisation in South Africa. We encourage you to collaborate with and support EthiXPERT (

We thank you for your understanding, support and cooperation.


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