COHRED Colloquium 2013, 26-27 March, Geneva

Latest news and updates on COHRED Colloquium 2013

Colloquium 2013 Report now available

We are pleased to present the report of Colloquium 2013. We held this Colloquium to bring together a range of stakeholders – from researchers and policymakers to industry representatives and NGOS – to have a free and frank discussion about directing our focus towards investments in research for health as a critical part of investing in health overall. This report captures the informal narrative from the two days of open discussions. The report, like the conference it records, does not aim to make specific recommendations. Rather, we hope it will provide you with insights into the main issues and messages from the meeting, while also providing a compelling account of the value of investment in research and innovation for health and equity.

Download the Colloquium report here

Further, several videos are available of talks given by contributors to the Colloquium. These can be found on COHRED’s YouTube channel


COHRED Colloquium 2013 calls for more investments into research and innovation for health…

COHRED moves to provide space for innovative actions on investing in research for health…

Video message: Lawrence Summers on investing in health….COHRED at 20 years….

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Click here to download a version of the Programme that was issued at the Colloquium

Click here to download the 2012 COHRED Annual Report

Also see COHRED’s new video on strengthening national research and innovation systems


COHRED is collaborating with the Lancet Commission on Investing in Health to bring you COHRED Colloquium 2013. This meeting, held over two days in Geneva, will take a look through an economic lens at the investments in health research that are required to meet the needs of low- and middle-income countries. What investments have made the largest impact over the last 20 years? What interventions should be invested in over the next 20 years to address the remaining great healthcare challenges? What can we do to maximise additional investment, and make the most of the investments which already exist?

This meeting is an opportunity for participants to help define the contents of a report, to be published in The Lancet on 3rd December 2013, which will inform current and future policies for addressing both infectious and non-communicable global health problems. Contrasted with our larger Global Forum for Health Research gatherings, COHRED Colloquia are a form, of unconference which aims to break away from a more formal conference setting. We will gather a select group of influential ‘change makers’ in an interactive and informal setting, with discussion and interaction encouraged between all participants. We avoid PowerPoint, and – where appropriate – use a ‘Chatham House’ approach of comment non-attribution.

To promote unexpected outcomes we bring together a range of constituencies. Participants at this meeting will have the opportunity to connect and share your ideas with open-minded people that you may not usually interact with. We aren’t aiming for consensus. We aim at healthy, creative, solution-oriented debate.

COHRED Colloquium 2013 will:

  • Inform the contents of the Lancet Commission report: a report well-positioned to inform policies for addressing global health problems,
  • Create a unique moment for participants to interact with partners from different backgrounds and perspectives; generating new insights, and creating possibilities for future partnerships.
  • Progress thinking in key areas, such as:
    • Monitoring and evaluation of investments in research for health,
    • Monitoring and co-ordination of investments in research for health (global and regional),
    • Innovative mechanisms for financing,
    • Identification of key areas for investment and
    • Identification of opportunities for new investment, or optimisation of existing investment.