Confirmed Speakers

Confirmed speakers

  • Prof Hannah Akuffo, Lead Specialist, Research Cooperation, SIDA and Chair, ESSENCE
  • Francois Bompart, VP, Deputy Head & Medical Director, Access to Medicines, Sanofi- Aventis
  • Prof Alioune Dieye, Institut Pasteur de Dakar, Senegal
  • Prof Anne Glover, Chief Scientific Advisor to the President of the European Commission
  • Prof Carel IJsselmuiden, Executive Director, Council on Health Research for Development
  • Dr Gerald Keusch, Associate Director, National Emerging Infectious Diseases Laboratory, Boston University
  • Dr Marie-Paule Kieny, Assistant Director General, Health Systems and Innovation, WHO
  • Prof Adolfo Martínez-Palomo, Centre for Research and Advanced Studies
  • Dr Pascoal Mocumbi,  Fmr Prime Minister of Mozambique, High Representative of European and Developing Countries Clinical Trials
  • Prof John-Arne Røttingen, Visiting Professor, Harvard School of Public Health
  • Prof John Mugabe, University of Pretoria
  • Dr Martin Sepulveda, Vice-President Health Industries Research, IBM Corporation
  • Dr Nelson Sewankambo, Principal, Makerere University College of Health Sciences
  • Prof  Keith West, George G. Graham Professor of Infant and Child Nutrition, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
  • Mr Johannes Christian Wichard, Deputy Director General, World Intellectual Property Organisation
  • Dr Gavin Yamey, Global Health Group, University of California