Colloquium Programme, 26-27 March, Geneva

Programme Outline

Full Programme

Day 1 of the colloquium will take a look back, and then a look forward at the landscape of health research. This day provides a focused forum to inform the work of the CIH.  Key questions addressed will include:

  • What have been the key successes in the fight against mortality since 1993?
  • What gaps remain, and what is needed to address them?
  • What about the impact of other sectors on health?
  • How is the developing agenda for non-communicable diseases different?
  • What is the role of the growing S&T capacity of low and middle income countries?
  • What is happening in the international framework for monitoring research financing?

Day 2 looks at identifying, and maximising or optimising sources of financing for health research.  This will be analysed from different perspectives, but always with a specific focus on the role, the needs and the responsibilities of low and middle income countries.

  • What can funders do to maximise or optimise available resources?
  • How can we show the real value of research and innovation through monitoring and evaluation?
  • What is the growing role of the private sector in supporting health research in low income contexts?
  • What are the issues which research institutions in the South face?

List of confirmed participants: (to be updated)