INDEPTH/COHRED seminar in Nairobi


INDEPTH  partnered with COHRED to co-organize a closed seminar in Nairobi in July on sharing public health research data. The seminar honed in on the particular problems and potentials from the point of view of research in low- and middle-income countries: i) the impact of low resources and more limited analytic and data management capacities and facilities, ii) ethical issues generated by open data sharing, and iii) what constitutes a ‘fair trade – not free trade’ in research data between low- and high-income countries ? The ultimate aim of this workshop is to build consensus from the perspective of low- and middle- income countries on the practical implications for and responses to sharing public health research data. One expected outcome of this meeting is a draft code of conduct for sharing public health data.

Article on Research Funding and Sharing Research Data - COHRED/INDEPTH - Daily Graphic Article - August 2nd 2011

Daily Graphic Article - August 2nd 2011

Proceedings of the INDEPTH/COHRED Nairobi Meeting : Ethics of Data Sharing. September 2011

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