This year’s conversation


Colloquium 2010, asked the questions: how can science and technology catalyze health, equity and development, and the contribution that entrepreneurship can make.

Rethinking Aid – There is increasing doubt about traditional aid, and an apparently increasing gap between the relevance and nature of aid between ‘north’ and ‘south’. The group looked at ‘research, innovation and entrepreneurship’ as key concepts in redefining aid for the future.

Research and innovation development – How can low and middle income countries mobilize research and innovation to drive socio-economic growth and create health equity? Here, a lead case is the global ‘access to drugs’ effort: of providing medicines, contrasted with strengthening pharmaceutical innovation in Africa.

Mobilising entrepreneurship for research and innovation – In most low income – and in many middle-income – countries, ‘research’ and ‘science and technology’ take place largely in the public sector and are managed by governments. Putting science and innovation into action through entrepreneurship – key aspect of innovation – is often lacking. How can entrepreneurship be mobilized to help build a more dynamic national science and technology sector. And how can research and innovation build a rich entrepreneurial environment that, becomes a key driver of socio-economic growth and health?


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