Research for Health as a driver of equity and development in the context of political and social change in the Arab world, 27-28 February 2013, Bellagio Centre, Italy

27 February 2013:

Session 1:                   Inaugural session: setting the scene

Chairs: Dr Hassen Ghannem, Dr Carel IJsselmuiden

08.30-08.45             Welcome and Introduction of participants: Dr Carel IJsselmuiden

08.45-09.00             Objectives of the meeting: Dr Hassen Ghannem

09.00-09.15             Transformative change and opportunities for Research for Health Dr Samer Jabbour

09.15-09.30            The work of COHRED in the region Dr Carel IJsselmuiden/Dr Hassen Ghannem

09.30-09.45            The work of academic institutions Dr Iman Nuwayhid

09.45-10.30            Discussion

10.30-10.45            Tea/Coffee Break


Session 2:                  Situation analysis and existing work on Research for Health strengthening

Chairs: Dr Enis Baris, Dr Hoda Rashad

10.45-11.00            Arab human development analysis: Dr Nader Fergany

11.00-12.30             Perspectives of Research for Health strengthening in countries: experiences of key stakeholders: Dr Hoda Rashad (Egypt);  Dr Fekri Abroug (Tunisia), Dr Ziad Abdel Samad (Lebanon), Dr Chakib Nejjari (Morocco), Dr Hanan Halabi (Gulf countries), Dr Najib Harabi (role of expatriate scientists)

12.30-13.00            Discussion

13.00-14.00             Lunch Break


Session 3:                  Perspectives of Research for Health strengthening

Chairs: Dr Iman Nuwayhid, Dr Ibrahim Daibes

14.00-15.15             Research for Health strengthening: perspectives from National, Regional and International organisations – Dr Adnan Hammad (Access), Dr Mary Deeb (MENA HPF), Dr Enis Baris (World Bank), Mr Ibrahim Daibes (GHRI & IDRC), Dr Hisham Fakha (Islamic Development Bank)

15.15-15.45             Open discussion

15.45-16.00             Tea/Coffee Break


Session 4:                   How to engage partners in efforts to strengthen Research for Health systems

Chairs: Dr Samer Jabbour, Dr Adnan Hammad

16.00-16.15             Lessons from the Research for Health-Africa project: Dr Francisco Becerra

16.15-16.30             Lessons from Latin America: Dr Francisco Becerra

16.30-17:30            Discussion & end of day 1


28 February 2013:

 Session 5:                   Working groups on country-specific needs for Research for Health system strengthening: A proposed strategy for the Arab countries

Chairs: Dr Hoda Rashad, Dr Francisco Becerra

08.30-08.45             Summary of issues from Day 1: Dr Hoda Rashad

08.45-10.30             Working groups: Dr Francisco Becerra, Mrs Karen Hodges

Group 1: Regional strategy and plan of action;
Group 2: Engaging partners and building networks;
Group 3: Funding perspectives

10.30-10.45             Tea/Coffee Break

10.45-13.00             Presentation and discussion of groups work

13.00-14.00             Lunch Break


Session 6:                   Moving forward

Chairs: Dr Carel IJsselmuiden, Dr Iman Nuwayhid, Dr Ibrahim Daibes

14.00-16.00            Open discussion on the call for action to strengthen system capacity for research and innovation for health in the Arab World

16.00-16.30             Wrap up


1st March 2013 

 (A small group will use this day to write the executive report and recommendations from the meeting).