COHRED’s Sylvia de Haan makes contribution to insightful article on health research systems in Guinea Bissau

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The latest edition (9 Feb, vol 10.5) of ‘Health Research Policy and Systems’ – an open access, peer-reviewed, online journal – features an insightful article titled: ‘The emergence and current performance of a health research system: lessons from Guinea Bissau’.

The article was written by Maarten O Kok, Amabelia Rodrigues, Augusto Paulo Silva and COHRED’s very own Sylvia de Haan (in photo).  In the article, the authors argue that little is known about how health research systems (HRS) in low-income countries emerge and evolve over time, and how this process relates to their performance. They insist that understanding how HRSs emerge is important for the development of well functioning National Health Research Systems (NHRS). And so, the aim of their study was to assess how the HRS in Guinea Bissau has emerged and evolved over time and how the present system functions.

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