Technical Support

COHRED Technical Support – expertise to optimise research and innovation systems

COHRED provides direct technical support to institutions, businesses, non-profits, countries and regions aimed at optimizing research and innovation systems and their impact on health, equity and development. We provide the two essential components needed increase efficiency and impact of national research and innovation: comprehensive system assessments and setting research and innovation priorities. We do not do this for you, we do this with you – so that the end result is credible, certified and accepted.

Research and Innovation System Assessment

  • System Mapping –  describing the entire system (“what is there?”)
  • System Profiling – quantify system capacities (“how much is there and where is it?”)
  • System Analysis – measuring system performance and competitiveness (“where can we improve ?”)
  • Intervention Evaluation – measure the impact of change (“do the new strategies work?”)

Priority Setting

Managing Information

  • For effective management of research and innovation systems – ethically and transparently

Practical Tools