Strengthening research and innovation systems for health and development in Africa: Report from a Tanzania knowledge-sharing workshop.

Description: This report gathers together the contributions made by speakers and attendees at a knowledge sharing and networking workshop held in in Dar es salaam, Tanzania on ‘strengthening Research and innovation systems for Health and Development in africa’, 5 to 8 november 2012. The workshop was coordinated by the Council on Health Research for Development (COHReD), the new Partnership for africa’s Development (nePaD) agency, the West african Health Organisation (WaHO) and the local hosts – the national institute for medical Research (nimR) and the Tanzania Commission for science and Technology (COsTeCH). Financial support for the workshop was provided by COHReD and WaHO within the context of the Research for Health africa programme (funded by the netherlands’ ministry of Foreign affairs) and the West africa research for health system strengthening programme (funded by WaHO and the international Development Research Centre, Canada). a special thank you goes to all the participants, speakers and presenters for their contributions and participation.


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