International Partnering Event


The MASCOT International Partnering Event took place in Mexico City on 25 and 26 September 2013. It was a unique opportunity to gather experts from different countries to understand the results of the MASCOT and talk openly about what can be done to reduce inequalities in maternal and child health (MCH).

This partnering event is a major dissemination instrument in the framework of the MASCOT project, for which COHRED is the co-ordinator. It brought together leading international experts from a multi-disciplinary background dealing with different aspects of health policy addressing inequalities particularly MCH.

The event  provided a platform for participants to learn from the experience of other countries from North and South and to exchange and foster successful strategies aimed at reducing MCH inequalities.

The objectives of this event were to:

  • Present MASCOT’s national and regional mapping results for MCH conditions, health research systems capacities and policies and programmes tackling inequalities
  • Present MASCOT’s results on best practices sharing and multilateral cooperation
  • Promote and to strengthen multilateral collaboration beyond MASCOT
Link to results of the event:

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