Treated Mosquito Nets Reduce Malaria Risk, Says Tanzania Scientist…

In the centre of the photo is Dr. Hassan Mshinda in attendance at the Research for Health Africa session at Forum 2012. Pic by Gabi Falanga.
Peter Clottey

May 25, 2012

A prominent Tanzania scientist has praised strides made by scientific research organizations to combat malaria in the country. Dr. Hassan Mshinda, Director General of Tanzania Commission for Science and Technology, said the use of insecticide-treated nets by citizens has led to a sharp decline of malaria cases.
Health officials say malaria is a major health problem in Tanzania. He said the most effective interventions so far use insecticide-treated mosquito nets. “These interventions have been shown to be effective…Studies which were conducted in several African countries provide proof of the concept that these mosquito nets work.”
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