The COHRED Colloquium – redefining development


The COHRED Colloquium on October 26, 2010 brought together a group of 50 leaders in research, health, science and technology and development, to share perspectives on the issue of ‘redefining development’ – with a focus on how can science and technology can catalyse health, equity and development, and the contribution that entrepreneurship can make.

While all questions raised by this focus were not addressed in detail, this first COHRED Colloquium opened doors, raised questions and discussions on how to approach achieving health and development in a different way.

The meeting set out to create a group of around 50 people who – collectively and individually – can take development to another level. We feel the short-term outcomes were achieved – participants left with inspiration, insight and ideas for innovation – and a new network to create not just exchange, but change. We are look forward to hearing about more long-term changes – please let us know – by e-mail or comments on this web page.

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