Discussion topics


Colloquium participants proposed 13 topics to explore. Ranging from: achieving sustainanable R&D investments to moving from disease focus to system approach These discussions are summarizes in the Colloquium synthesis report.

  • R&D investment in Africa – commercialization or equity?
  • How can we develop capacity in research communication in developing countries?
  • Linking agricultural research and general science and technology to health and development
  • South-South collaborations in terms of capacity building – and North-North collaborations in terms of support
  • How to achieve sustainable funding for R&D – what are the options?
  • Why is Africa not having WHO pre-qualified vaccines ?
  • What are some of the ‘tipping points’ for health systems change ?
  • How do Aid agencies negotiate with low and middle income countries – and how can low and middle income countries prepare better for these negotiations ?
  • Partnership development – a key ingredient for the next phase of development.
  • How to move from a disease approach to a systems approach in funding
  • Conflicts of interest in research – public/private health?
  • How can existing regional organizations further research – and impact on population health ?
  • Defining the role of health research in economic growth.


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