New PAHO-COHRED partnership — health research system support to countries

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New partnership will help Latin American countries strengthen research systems for health

Two specialist organizations join forces to improve health research skills, systems and information.

Geneva-Washington DC, October 22, 2009. Latin American countries will get support and useful information to improve health research and share knowledge and evidence; through an agreement signed this month by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) and the Council Health Research for Development (COHRED).

PAHO and COHRED will work together to provide services and support to countries interested in strengthening their systems for health research, an area of vital importance for public health planning, policymaking, and resource mobilization.

The agreement includes technical cooperation for the creation of plans to develop countries’ national health research systems, for the synthesis and sharing of experiences and best practices, and for studies and analyses in areas of research where additional evidence is needed to improve public health efforts. 


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