R4HA Sponsors

The Research for Health Africa programme has been made possible thanks to a four-year grant from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Social Development Department – of the Netherlands.  This has supported the initial phase of the programme allowing the team to work with Mozambique, Senegal and Tanzania.

To enable the work to continue beyond 2014 and to help increase the number of countries joining the programme, the R4HA team is looking for continued support. The World Bank lists 47 countries in sub-Saharan Africa as ‘developing’. COHRED works with seven of these countries through the R4HA and West Africa programmes.  With the support of one or several donors, COHRED would like to expand its work in Africa to the other 40 developing countries in the region.

Thanks go to the many organisations and individuals who have provided non-monetary support to the programme, in particular the R4HA country partners – Mozambique, Senegal and Tanzania – who have all committed time and resources to work with the R4HA team to help strengthen their research systems for health and innovation; and the R4HA Group of Advisors.

Please contact us if your organisation is interested in funding COHRED, or donating equipment, services or other forms of sponsorship.


Sylvia de Haan

+41 22 591 89 00