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To implement the decisions that will come out of the Bellagio Center meeting in October 2012 and to ensure that all low and middle-income countries have equitable access to information and tools for fair research contracting, COHRED seeks partners and donors to support the following activities within the initiative:

– Communication efforts to ensure that fair research contracting guidance documents are publicised and dis-seminated to relevant target audiences in each of the 43 “low income” 55 “lower-middle income” and 46 “upper middle income” countries as defined by the World Bank;

– Product enhancement efforts to scale up the already developed tools;

– Development of an online, intellec-tual property rights consulting service for LMICs. These new online tools and services will create an interactive platform which countries can use to assist them in the contracting process;

– Advocacy efforts to ensure global adoption of fair research contracts.

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