Main Challenges for Health Policy and Health Research in a Period of Socio- Economic Transformation in Hungary

Topic: Paper presented at the Conference on Scientific Basis of Health Services, London, October 2-4, 1995

Author(s): Dr Eva Orosz

Description: The aim is to assess strengths and weaknesses of the health research system in Lao PDR, raise awareness of key actors on the need for an effective health research system, and focus on developing strategies to strengthen research. In the first phase of the project, a national workshop will be organised (May 2005). The focus of this workshop will be an assessment and evaluation of current health research structures and capacity. If the workshop is successful, and commitment from key partners is obtained, the project will expand to capacity strengthening and priority setting. Throughout the project, close links will be maintained with key partners in Cambodia (the Ministry of Health and the National Institute for Public Health). This cross-country collaboration is seen as a capacity building opportunity for Cambodians, as they have expressed the need for an assessment of their national health research system.
The Ministry of Health in Lao PDR will lead the project. Emphasis is given to the need to develop a broad task group, including various partners, to guide the process. The Thai Health Foundation, the University of New South Wales (Australia), and COHRED, will provide the technical assistance to the project.

Date: 1995

Page Number: 9



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