Brazilian Research System and Health Research: trends and challenges

Topic: Paper presented to COHRED Working Group on National Health Research Systems

Author(s): Jose C. Noronha

Co author(s): Reinaldo Guimaraes

Place: Brazil

Description: The trends and challenges of the Brazilian research and health research systems are discussed. The importance of health research within the framework of general endeavours in science, technology and innovation in Brazil are also highlighted. The paper goes on to call for the set-up of  agenda of national health research priorities encompassing all issues and actors, including technological components.

Date: 2002

Page Number: 31


This document is not available electronically on the COHRED website. Please contact COHRED for a print-copy.

A related article on this topic can also be found Issue 27 of COHRED’s Research into Action Newsletter, Jan – Mar 2002, pp: 5-6.