Boletín Nacional Investigaciones Esenciales en Salud

Topic: INES(ENHR)- Nicaragua

Place: Managua

Organization: Comisión Nacional de Investigaciones Esenciales en Salud

Description: The international health research community plays an important role in funding research projects on the health problems of developing countries; however, it is unclear as to where these funds are allocated.  By investing funds in developing countries, there is the potential to increase the payback from these investments.  The research funded can produce the required new research knowledge and help build and sustain local research capacities and research systems.  This study will examine the extent to which the major international health research funders provide information on the institutions from which they commission research.  Where such information is made available the proportion of funds allocated to institutions in developing countries will be assessed.

Date: 1993

Page Number: 13



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