An analysis of institutions doing health research in Uganda – year 2000

Place: Uganda

Organization: Uganda National Health Research Organisation (UNHRO)

Description: The research and development strategy has been developed by and for those organisations who can develop research and development (R&D) for public health. They are the main funders of R&D for public health – government departments and research councils – together with other public bodies whose work is central to public health. Considered in the strategy are:
* users of research and their needs, particularly in relation to the current evidence base
* mechanisms for identifying the need for research, and how to prioritise what research is commissioned
* the capacity of researchers and the methodology for the type of research that will be needed
* information and data requirements
* the need for better coordination between funders.The Document can be downloaded from the web site of the Department of Health (see link).

Date: 2000

Page Number: 108



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