COVID-19: Resources and technologies for collaborations with impact


COVID-19 : Message from COHREDs Executive Director

We are happy to receive an immense amount of support and response from all of you through COHRED’s COVID19 Executive Director – CarelIJsselmuiden message. Therefore, as a part of our contribution to the global COVID-19 control effort, we create awareness that solutions that work in high income settings may not be useful, affordable or implementable in low income settings. COHRED is connecting to its network for support – which may come in the form of possible solutions, research time or otherwise. Given the urgency, we accept and display solutions offered by people and institutions known to us and who have a track-record of excellence and relevance in science and its applications. We encourage all researchers and institutions to share their solutions, ideas and questions with us at

Nevertheless, COHRED does not have the institutional capacity to validate the scientific basis for solutions offered. Should you decide to use any solution published on this website, it is your responsibility to verify its scientific validation with the persons or institutions offering the solution. COHRED cannot be an intermediary in this process – we do not have the resources to do so.

3D Printing Processes for protective and medical equipment

Dr Francois Hirsch – Inserm, France


Colleagues in Africa have expressed worry about the lack of protective equipment and care items for fighting medical emergencies such as COVID-19. Several companies and academic institutions are developing 3D printing processes in an open access format. Dr Hirsch has been collecting websites and documents around this and is happy to share and put LMIC users in contact with developers of these processes. Please email Dr Hirsch directly if you are interested in collaborating.

Medic Mobile

Helen Olsen, Impact Manager

Medic Mobile is engaging with implementing partners and members of their community on the CHT Forum:

Medic Mobile is proactively building reference applications for the CHT based on different interventions across phases of the epidemic. They have demos built for a number of our reference applications, including the following:

The World Academy of Sciences (TWAS)

The TWAS Council has issued a Statement on COVID-19 calling for global collaboration inclusive of developing countries to combat the pandemic. Find the statement here.