Country Partner – Tanzania

The Research for Health Africa (R4HA) programme has partnered with the Tanzanian Commission for Science and Technology (COSTECH) and The National Institute for Medical Research (NIMR).  COSTECH and NIMR have agreed, with support from the R4HA team, to strengthen critical aspects of research governance in Tanzania, including priority setting and policy framework development.  As part of the programme, they aim to foster strong partnerships between national stakeholders across many sectors and develop a national research for health management information system to improve access to essential information to manage research.

COSTECH and NIMR will share their experiences and learning from the programme with fellow national and international institutions.   As one of the first countries to join R4HA, Tanzania will be sharing its knowledge further, with other countries in the region.  COSTECH and NIMR have committed to monitor and evaluate the work carried out under the R4HA programme to further develop and strengthen the governance of the research system in their country.

The overall expected outputs and outcomes for Tanzania are:

  • Strengthened key governance functions, which include a credible priority setting process, good co-ordinating mechanism, and effective ethical review mechanism;
  • An operating research for management information mechanism; and
  • Strengthened capacity to use the research for management information system for developing research for health in Tanzania.

Tanzanian institutions are expected to take ownership of the programme with the support of the R4HA team.

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